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Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest is a third generation family business that has evolved over time. It started as a dry good’s store, Greenbaum’s Dept. Store, in 1900; became a fabric store; Greenbaum’s Fine Fabrics, in 1946; and finally a quilt shop, Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest, in 1988. The shop is in a beautiful historic structure that was built in 1889, and is located in the heart of the downtown historic district in Salem, Oregon.

In celebration of our 113 Year Anniversary we're featuring some fond memories of years past.  Come take a walk down memory lane with us...

We were also just voted one of the 20 Best Quilt Shops in the United States and Canada by American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Details here.

The philosophy of Sylvia Dorney, the current owner and granddaughter of founder Izzy Greenbaum, is to continue the family tradition of providing excellent customer service and quality merchandise. To this end Better Homes and Gardens’ Quilt Sampler magazine recognized the shop as a “Top Ten Quilt Shop” in 2003. The shop is known regionally for its innovative classes, and showcasing the newest products and fabrics that compliment its trend-setting personality.



The shop runs with a talented staff that is very creative, and several of them design for their own business as a well as for the shop. “We Inspire Creativity” by always looking for exciting new trends in fabric that stimulate our customers to new levels of quilting.


Our appeal stems from a belief that quilting is part of our heritage, enrichment, and fulfillment. We quilt, we love what we do, and we want to share it with you.

Come into the shop and meet Lovey our new shop dog. A standard blue black poodle, Lovey is 5 years old. Like some of us she has had her family, is retired and now likes to play with quilts. You can see more of her family members at kriscrosspoodles.com. Look for her at the top of the stairs in the front of the shop, where Lovey is usually watching over the railing.

Lovey Lovey

Mo our former shop dog had a good life and lived to be 9 years old, 2 years over Dane life span. He is fondly remembered and missed by our customers and staff.


Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest is not your ordinary quilt shop! - See a gallery of images from the shop and quilts (click on any image and then step through the pictures)


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