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Ask Sylvia

Sylvia responds with answers to common inquiries from customers on issues such as e-mail quilting and ordering questions (ex. can you order this pattern for me?, are you getting a specific line of fabric, etc.).

  • I’ve heard there is a replacement for the dye magnets that pull color from laundry. Do you carry it?
  • Dye magnets were “dryer-like-sheets” that you tossed in the washer with a brightly colored quilt. They picked up any floating colors and came out all gray and “yucky”, leaving your quilt clear and clean, in case you didn’t know. That brand and name is gone, but the laundry industry has “Color Collectors”, an equal replacement. We do not have them, but most groceries will. I think it is by Shout. Actually I’m on the hunt for some so if you find them first let me know!
  • Help! What is the best way to find more of a fabric?
  • E-mail a picture to us or to the shop where it was originally purchased. If the selvage has a brand on it, try that companies web site to get a number and a list of shops that carry their fabric. Armed with this info, a picture is still the best way to make a request.
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